bode klein


My story

Bode Klein is a New Zealand born artist who predominantly spends his time living and working between Denver, Colorado, USA, and Melbourne, Australia.  Klein's somewhat nomadic upbringing (he has lived in New Zealand, Scotland, America and Australia) has encouraged him to travel widely and has helped to shape his artistic vision. 

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Denver in 1996, Klein has been solidly building upon his art practice. Common themes emerge in Klein’s works that address such ideas as our universal connection to nature, the environment and to each other. 

He uses a broad range of media, including drawing, painting, stencil, street and graffiti art, sculpture and earth works. Klein's art draws on his life experiences: enchanted by nature, from the scenic beauty of the Scottish highlands where he spent his childhood; his exposure to the graffiti scene in the streets, back alleys and train yards of Denver during his teenage years; and as an avid traveller and seasonal fisherman in Alaska as an adult.