Kathryn Cooke

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My story

Kathryn Cooke is a multifaceted artist who works concurrently as a pediatrician in Canmore, Alberta, a therapeutic arts facilitator, and an emerging artist. Pursuing her love for fine arts, Kathryn attended the Alberta College of Art and Design, in Calgary from 2010-2014. She graduated with her BFA in 2014, earning the Governor General Award for highest academic standing of the graduating class. Kathryn graduated from the drawing department but her work became consistently more sculptural and utilized a variety of materials including sound and video to activate the environment.

Following graduation, Kathryn participated in a number of public art projects that focused on the use of natural elements in the outdoors as well as movement through the sphere of the public realm. Most recently, Kathryn has become an artist in residence at Silver Tree Studio on Mainstreet in Canmore Alberta. Kathryn has most recently been exploring ideas of visual processing through mark making, producing works that are both visually appealing but also thought provoking, bringing meaningful dialogue to those whom the work resonates with.  As a graduate of the Drawing Department from the Alberta College of Art and Design, Kathryn continues to explore the idea of drawing both with traditional and nontraditional materials.

Fusing both art and design leads Kathryn to consider alternate surfaces on which to work, which may have a function beyond aesthetic enjoyment. Her affinity for textiles either through the medium itself or by reflecting the process of textile construction is appropriate given the multiple careers Kathryn weaves together. All threads of her life inform each other with the common features of touch, movement and reference back to the body with its relationship to others and inhabited space.